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The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester
Established to develop the cultural and social ties between the Muslim and Jewish communities of Greater Manchester

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Articles and speeches

This page provides links to various articles and speeches by members of the Executive. Newest first.

Two Executive Committee members speak at Sefton Council's Holocaust Commemoration
On 28 January 2024, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council organised a Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration event with the theme of "The Fragility of Freedom." Co-Chair Cllr Heather Fletcher and and Executive Committee member Qaisra Shahraz spoke at the event, and their speeches can be read on our website.
Muslims and Jews don’t have to import the Israel and Palestine conflict into Britain
On 28 November 2023 the Conservative Home website published an article about the Forum written by Mohammed Amin in his personal capacity. The Executive Committee has agreed to publish a copy on our website.
Both Co-Chairs speak at Mothers Against Violence event
On 29 October 2023 Mothers Against Violence organised a free multicultural event at Manchester Cathedral to fight antisemitism, racial prejudice and hate crimes across Greater Manchester. Mohammed Amin spoke about Islam and Manchester’s Muslims, and Cllr Heather Fletcher spoke about the work of the Forum.
Co-Chair Cllr Heather Fletcher speaks at Adam Day 2023
Heather spoke about the Jewish teaching of "Hachnasat Orchim" (hospitality) as displayed by the prophet Abraham, and the need to welcome refugees, some of whom were her ancestors.
Co-Chair Heather Fletcher's speech at Hate Crime Awareness event
On Saturday 8 October 2022, Caritas Diocese of Salford organised an event to increase awareness of hater crime. Heather spoke about how the Forum brings people together.
Two Executive Committee Members receive awards for supporting Adam Day
At Adam Day 2022, Co-Chair Heather Fletcher and Executive Committee Member Qaisra Shahraz received awards for their long-term support of Adam Day. Our Co-Founder Afzal Khan CBE MP also received an award.
Co-Chairs address the Royal College of Defence Studies on faith communities in Greater Manchester and our role
The Royal College of Defence Studies recently brought a group of its students to Manchester for a week. As part of that, on Monday 6 December 2021 they had a session with our Co-Chairs Mohammed Amin and Cllr Heather Fletcher about Greater Manchester’s faith communities and the role of the Muslim Jewish Forum. The page contain's Mohammed Amin’s presentation and Heather Fletcher's speaking notes.
Co-Chair Cllr Heather Fletcher speaks at the Stand Up to Racism online conference
Heather spoke about antisemitism as the oldest hatred, and how Donald Trump's and Boris Johnson's divisive language have fueled its increase.
Co-Chair Heather Fletcher speaks at Adam Day 2020
This year the theme was “Equality through the Power of Prayer.” The page includes the text of Heather's speech and a video recording of the full event.
FFEU asks two Executive Committee members to send Ramadan greetings worldwide
Each day during Ramadan 2020, the Foundation For Ethnic Understanding asked a Muslim to record a Ramadan message for the FFEU's worldwide audience. Our Executive Committee members Mohammed Amin and Qaisra Shahraz were honoured to be contributors, and their videos can be watched on the page.
The University of Salford’s students learn about the Forum
The University's Muslim Chaplain Imam Rashid Musa arranged for Co-Chairs Mohammed Amin and Cllr Heather Fletcher to speak to students at the University's Faith Centre. The presentation was recorded and can be watched on the page.
Co-Chair Heather Fletcher speaks at Adam Day 2019
Adam Day celebrates the unity of the human race. Co-Chair Heather Fletcher made a speech based on the Jewish concept of ACHDUT which means UNITY.
Co-Chair Mohammed Amin appears on the Islam Channel to explain why Holocaust commemoration is vital
The Holocaust stands out because the Nazis wished to exterminate all Jews, regardless of their age or innocence or loyalty to the German state. The Holocaust is the reason we have the word “genocide” and the post-war Genocide Convention. Holocaust Memorial Day also commemorates the other internationally recognised genocides of Cambodia, Rwanda, Srebrenica, etc. Mohammed Amin had a 22-minute appearance on the Islam Channel, alongside a Jewish guest to explain why everyone should commemorate the Holocaust.
Co-Chair Heather Fletcher speaks at Adam Day 2018
At a time of political polarisation, our Co-Chair shared stories of when Muslims saved Jews, and Jews saved Muslims in wartime.
Co-Chair Heather Fletcher speaks at Stand Up to Racism rally
This rally was held to counter one organised by the Football Lads Alliance. Rather than give that group more publicity, Heather chose to give examples of Muslims and Jews cooperating in Manchester, London and nationally.
Co-Chair Heather Fletcher speaks at Khizra Mosque on Visit My Mosque Day 2018
In this short speech at Khizra Masjid, Heather talked about her first visit to a mosque, and the importance of getting to know people from different communities.
Heather Fletcher's speech at Adam Day 2017
Our Co-Chair explained the concept of "Achdut" (togetherness) and in particular seeing the spirituality in other people, even though they are different, and feeling at one with them. She emphasised how the Forum does this throughout the year, not just after tragedies such as the Manchester Arena bombing.
Why the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester is needed, and why it has succeeded
The Ramadan Tent Project aims to hold iftars around the UK which are open to people of all faiths and none. Our Co-Chair Mohammed Amin was asked if he would speak about the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester at an iftar to be held at Manchester University, and was delighted to do so on 14 June 2017.
Muslim Jewish Forum celebrates MBE award to Co-Chair
Co-Chair Mohammed Amin gave a short 5 ½ minutes speech on 4 September 2016 explaining how being involved with the Forum has changed his life, and why he believes the Forum has succeeded.
Heather Fletcher and Afzal Khan interviewed on Awaaz Community Radio
53 minute interview recorded on 3 August 2016. The first 31 minutes are about the EU Referendum, where the Forum has no view, but then it concentrates entirely on the Forum. The embedded recording is configured to start at that point.
Heather Fletcher's speech at Adam Day 2016
Our Co-Chair spoke explained why the concept of "Hachnasat orchim" (welcoming the stranger) is so important to Jews, and its relevance in today's Britain.
Mohammed Amin's lecture on Muslim Jewish relations in the UK
A recording, plus slides, of our Co-Chair's presentation at Finchley Progressive Synagogue, delivered on 16 June 2016
Fusion Award for the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester
On 8 June 2016 The Council of Christians and Jews website and the following weekly newsletter provided a national report of our Fusion Award.
Sharing a country with adherents of other religions or none
Co-Chair Mohammed Amin's article in the Winter 2015/2016 issue of the Council of Christians and Jews magazine. The magazine's theme was the trilateral relationship between Christians, Jews and Muslims, both in the UK and overseas.
Co-Chair Heather Fletcher's speech at Adam Day 2015
Heather explained the Jewish concept of mishpacha (family) and how this can be extended to all of humanity, which is Adam Day's key message. She also highlighted examples of Muslims and Jews working together.
Our Co-Chair Heather Fletcher speaking about anti-Semitism
Her prepared remarks at a briefing seminar for local councillors in the Manchester area organised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
Our Co-Founder Henry Guterman MBE
We included our late co-founder's profile in the brochure for our 10th anniversary dinner, and have added a page for it.
Co-Chair Mohammed Amin addresses Hazel Grove High School's sixth form about the Forum
Speakers for Schools is a charity which organises prominent people to give free talks to state schools. Our Co-Chair Mohammed Amin has been doing speaking engagements for them since January 2015. While most of the talks so far have been about lessons from his personal journey and career, Hazel Grove High School asked him to talk to their sixth form about the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester.
Muslims and Jews co-operating over religious slaughter
On 27 February 2015 Jonny Wineberg and Mohammed Amin wrote a blog on the Board of Deputies website about what they have been doing to protect the right to practice shechita and halal slaughter in the UK.
Co-Chair Heather Fletcher speaks at launch of Manchester Council of Mosques
The Forum's Jewish Co-Chair Heather Fletcher was invited to speak on behalf of the Forum at the launch of the Manchester Council of Mosques in the Great Hall at the Town Hall on Sunday 22 February 2015. She explained how the Forum enabled Muslims and Jews together on issues of common interest, and how it had broadened her own Muslim contacts.
Qaisra Shahraz: Literature can help to bring cultures together
An article Qaisra published in the Manchester Evening News about how her inter-cultural awareness influences her writing.
Joint appearance on Hidayat TV 31 October 2013
Both of our Co-Chairs, Jonny Wineberg and Mohammed Amin, were part of a three person panel discussing religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue. The format meant that much of the discussion was about the history of the Forum and its achievements.
Heather Fletcher's story in the faith column of the Manchester Evening News
Our Company Secretary Heather Fletcher was asked to contribute to this column. She chose to write about the twinning between a Muslim and a Jewish school, and how the Muslim Jewish Forum developed.
Peter Bell Memorial Lecture 2013 by David Berkley and Mohammed Amin
Dr Peter Bell MBE was a founder member of Leeds Concord back in 1976 and served as General Secretary until his death in 1999. Since 2010 Leeds Concord has held a lecture in his memory. It was a great honour for David Berkley and Mohammed Amin to be asked to jointly give the 2013 lecture. They chose to talk about what they have learned from their experiences with the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester.
Memories of the Muslim Jewish Forum
This poem was written by our Secretary Heather Fletcher while reflecting on the first eight years of the Forum.
Thought for the Week by Jonny Wineberg 26 February 2012
Given by the MJF Co-chair on the Mike Shaft programme on BBC Radio Manchester
"Eastern Eye" newspaper article about the Forum
On 14 October 2011 the Forum was profiled in an article based on interviews given by Jonny Wineberg and Afzal Khan.
Speech by Heather Fletcher
On 6 July 2011 the Forum's Secretary explained to a group of 70 Jewish pensioners how she came to be one of the founders of the Forum.
"Jewish Chronicle" newspaper article about the Forum's first five years
On 10 December 2010 the northern edition of the Jewish Chronicle carried an article about the Forum based on a telephone interview with Mohammed Amin.
A personal retrospective from Mohammed Amin
This is based upon a speech about the Forum that he gave at a conference on "Moving beyond the Rhetoric: Increasing Trust and Respect between Faiths, Beliefs, Cultures and Communities” which was held in parallel with the Global Peace and Unity Event on 25 October 2010.





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The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester
Established to develop the cultural and social ties between the Muslim and Jewish Communities of Greater Manchester

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